November 2020:

– The lab welcomes Claude Vincent who joins as a summer student working on transcriptional regulators in P. aeruginosa

– Congratulations to Deb and Alana on successfully defending their BSc Honours project. Congrats to Deb on receiving a prize for the 2nd best Thesis presentation. Well done!

– Another piece on Host defense peptide-mimicking amphilphilic beta-peptide polymers just published in J Med Chem.

October 2020:

– Sophie, Deb, and Alana submitted their BSc Hons Thesis. Congratulations! 🙂

June 2020:

– The lab welcomes Minati Choudhury who joined as a PhD student working on nanoparticles to treat oral mucositis!

– Sophie presenting at the BBiomedSc(Hons) Journal Club

March 2020:

– Perfect time to get your research together and consider submitting it to Frontiers in Microbiology– Research Topic “Stress Response and Effectors as Therapeutic Targets”

– Check out our newest publication Surfing motility is a complex adaptation dependent of the stringent stress response inPseudomonas aeruginosaLESB58” in PLOS Pathogens– believe it or not – but bacteria can surf.

– New Zealand follows the global lock down – Stay home Stay safe!

February 2020: 

The lab welcomes our new Honours students Alana Hampson, Deborah Yung, and Sophie Qiu. Looking forward to see you guys in action and your exciting projects! 🙂

January 2020: 

The lab welcomes Kathy Sircombe who joined as an Assistant Research Fellow shared between our and the Kirman lab at the University of Otago!